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Aluminium alloys or aluminum alloys are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal with typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin, zinc & are classified into casting aluminium alloys & wrought aluminium alloys which are subdivided into heat-treatable and non-heat-treatable. We stock all of the commonly used aluminium series like 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000, 7000 in forms of sheets, coils, plates, tubes, tubing, pipes, bar which can be provided cut to size basis depending on size availability.
Some typical applications areas for Aluminium Alloys are aerospace, aircraft, cycling, automotive, air & gas cylinders, engineering structures and components, building, construction, road transport, road signs, marine, hollowware, process plant. Client can avail Aluminium Alloy Sheet, Plate, Coil, Tube, Tubing, Pipes, Bars, Round Bars, Hollow Bars, Flat Bars, Square Bars, Rectangular Bars, Blocks, Rods, Hollow Rods, etc.

Material grades of Aluminium Alloys are as follows: EN AW 2011, 2011A, 2014 / HE15, 2014A, 5082, 5083, 5183, 5183A, 5154, 5154A, 5154B, 5454, 5754, 6060, 6063, 6063A, 6082, 6082A, 6262, 7075SS, ONORM, PN, ISO, EU EN, DIN, WNR AlCu6BiPb3.1655AlCu6BiPb(A), AlCu4SiMg, AlCuSiMg, P-AlCu4.4SiMnMg, 3.1255, JIS 2014, BS 2014 L97, L98, AlCu4SiMg(A), AlCuSiMg(A), AlMg4.5, AlMg4.5Mn0.7, AlMg4.5 Mn, 3.3547, JIS 5082, AFNOR 5183, AlMg4.5Mn0.7(A), AlMg4.5Mn0.7(C), AlMg3.5, AlMg3.5(A), AlMg3.5Mn0.3, AlMg3Mn, 3.3537, AlMg3, GOST AMg3, CSN 424413, UNI P-AlMg3.5, 3.3535, JIS 5154, AFNOR 5154A, BS 5154, AlMgSi, AlMgSi0.5, 3.3206, AlMg0.7Si, AlMg0.7Si(A), AlSi1MgMn, AlMgSi1, 3.2315, AlSi1MgMn(A), AlMg1SiPb, AlZn5.5MgCu, AlZnMgCu1.5, UNI P-AlZn5.8MgCuCr, UNS A97075, 3.4365, JIS 7075, AFNOR 7075A-Z5GU, PN AlZn6Mg2Cu, CSN 424222, BS 7075 L95, L96

Size Specifications for Aluminium Alloy Round Bar & Rods: 6mm upto 250mm

Dimensions for Aluminium Alloy Square, Flat, Rectangular Bars: 6mm upto 150mm in thickness, 1000mm to 2000mm length(can be Customized)

Outer Diameter for Aluminium Alloy Circle, Blank, Disc: 100mm to 2000mm

Thickness for Aluminium Alloy Circle, Blanks, Discs: 1.25mm to 150mm

Diameter for Aluminium Alloy Hollow Bars & Rod: 50mm upto 250mm in diameter as welded hollow bars & 2inch to 10inch diameter as seamless hollow bars

Thickness for Aluminium Alloy Strip, Block, Patta, Patti: 1.25mm to 150mm

Width for Aluminium Alloy Strip, Block, Patta, Patti: 25mm to 1500mm

Length for Aluminium Alloy Strip, Block, Patta, Patti: 100mm to 3000mm(Can be Customized)

Size Range for Aluminium Alloy Hollow Rings, Washer, Sleeve: 50mm upto 500mm in diameter as welded hollow rings & 2inch to 20inch diameter as seamless hollow rings

Shapes of Aluminium Alloy Tube, Tubing & Pipe: Round, Square, Rectangle

Types of Aluminium Alloy Tube, Tubing & Pipe: Seamless, Welded

Measurement of Aluminium Alloy Tube, Tubing & Pipe: Metric, Imperial

Diameter for Aluminium Alloy Round Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 4.76mm to 254mm, 0.1875” to 10”

Thickness of Aluminium Alloy Round Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 0.89mm to 19.05mm, 0.035” to 0.75”

Section for Aluminium Alloy Square Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 19.05mm to 203.2mm, 0.75” to 8”

Thickness of Aluminium Alloy Square Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 1.57mm to 12.7mm, 0.062” to 0.5”

Section for Aluminium Alloy Rectangle Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 25.4mm x 38.1mm to 152.4mm x 203.2mm, 1” x 1.5” to 6” x 8”

Thickness of Aluminium Alloy Rectangle Tube, Tubing & Pipe: 3.18mm to 9.52mm, 0.125” to 0.375”

Length of Aluminium Alloy Tube, Tubing & Pipes: Random between 1 to 6 meters.

Thickness for Aluminium Alloy Plate, Sheet, Coil: 1.25mm upto 150mm

Width for Aluminium Alloy Plate, Sheet, Coil: 100mm to 1500mm

Length for Aluminium Alloy Plate, Sheet, Coil: 100mm to 3000mm

Temper designations for various Aluminium Alloy grades:

The temper designation follows the cast or wrought designation number with a dash, a letter, and potentially a one to three digit number, e.g. 5083-H111. The definitions for the tempers are:

-F: As fabricated

-H: Strain hardened (cold worked) with or without thermal treatment

-H1: Strain hardened without thermal treatment

-H2: Strain hardened and partially annealed

-H3: Strain hardened and stabilized by low temperature heating

Second digit: A second digit denotes the degree of hardness

-HX2 = 1/4 hard

-HX4 = 1/2 hard

-HX6 = 3/4 hard

-HX8 = full hard

-HX9 = extra hard

-O: Full soft (annealed)

-T: Heat treated to produce stable tempers

-T1: Cooled from hot working and naturally aged (at room temperature)

-T2: Cooled from hot working, cold-worked, and naturally aged

-T3: Solution heat treated and cold worked

-T4: Solution heat treated and naturally aged

-T5: Cooled from hot working and artificially aged (at elevated temperature)

-T51: Stress relieved by stretching

-T510: No further straightening after stretching

-T511: Minor straightening after stretching

-T52: Stress relieved by thermal treatment

-T6: Solution heat treated and artificially aged

-T7: Solution heat treated and stabilized

-T8: Solution heat treated, cold worked, and artificially aged

-T9: Solution heat treated, artificially aged, and cold worked

-T10: Cooled from hot working, cold-worked, and artificially aged

-W: Solution heat treated only

W is a relatively soft intermediary designation that applies after heat treat and before aging is completed. The -W condition can be extended at extremely low temperatures but not indefinitely and depending on the material will typically last no longer than 15 minutes at ambient temperatures.

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Other Possible products in Aluminium Alloys are mentioned below:

2011 Aluminium Alloy
2011A Aluminium Alloy
2014 T6 / HE15 Aluminium Alloy
2014A Aluminium Alloy
5082 Aluminium Alloy
5083 Aluminium Alloy
5183 Aluminium Alloy
5183A Aluminium Alloy
5154 Aluminium Alloy
5154A Aluminium Alloy
5154B Aluminium Alloy
5454 Aluminium Alloy
5754 Aluminium Alloy
6060 Aluminium Alloy
6063 Aluminium Alloy
6063A Aluminium Alloy
6082 Aluminium Alloy
6082A Aluminium Alloy
6262 Aluminium Alloy
7075 Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium Bar
Aluminium Round Bar
Aluminium Flat Bar
Aluminium Square Bar
Aluminium Round Corner Square Bar
Aluminium RCS Bar
Aluminium Straight Corner Square Bar
Aluminium SCS Bar
Aluminium Hexagonal Bar
Aluminium Hollow Bar
Aluminium Hex Bar
Aluminium Forged Bar
Aluminium Rolled Bar
Aluminium Bright Bar
Aluminium Machined Bar (Proof Machined)
Aluminium Tempered Bar
Aluminium Blocks (Square, Rectangular)
Aluminium Shafting (Shafts)
Aluminium Plate
Aluminium Sheet
Aluminium Coil
Aluminium Circle
Aluminium Strip
Aluminium Ring (Seamless, Welded, Forged, Rolled)
Aluminium Forged Ring (Seamless, Welded)
Aluminium Rolled Ring (Seamless, Welded)
Aluminium Seamless Ring (Forged, Rolled)
Aluminium Welded Ring (Forged, Rolled)
Aluminium Tube (Seamless, Welded)
Aluminium Tubing (Seamless, Welded)
Aluminium Pipe (Seamless, Welded)
Aluminium Flange
Aluminium Slip-On Flange (SO, SORF, SOFF)
Aluminium Weld Neck Flange (WN, WNRF, WNFF, WNRTJ)
Aluminium Weld necking Flange (WN, WNRF, WNFF, WNRTJ)
Aluminium Blind Flange (BL, BLRF, BLFF, BLRTJ)
Aluminium Socket weld Flange (SW, SWFF, SWRF, SWRTJ)
Aluminium Socket welding Flange (SW, SWFF, SWRF, SWRTJ)
Aluminium Threaded Flange (TH, THFF, THRF, THRTJ)
Aluminium Lap joint Flange (LJ, LJFF, LJRF)
Aluminium Long weld neck Flange (LWN, LWNFF, LWNRF)
Aluminium Spectacle Blind Flange
Aluminium Plate Flange
Aluminium Hub Flange
Aluminium Flat Face Flange (FF)
Aluminium Raised Face Flange (RF)
Aluminium Ring Type Joint Flange (RTJ)
Aluminium Flange (CLASS 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500)
Aluminium Fitting
Aluminium Buttweld Fitting
Aluminium Socket weld Fitting
Aluminium Threaded Fitting
Aluminium Screwed Fitting
Aluminium O’let Fitting
Aluminium Branch Connections
Aluminium Elbow (Seamless, Welded, 45, 90, 180 Degree, Long, Short Radius)
Aluminium Tee (Straight, Reducing, Equal, Unequal)
Aluminium Reducer (Concentric, Eccentric)
Aluminium Cross (Straight, Reducing)
Aluminium Stub In & Stub End (Long, Saddle -Wrap Around)
Aluminium Lateral
Aluminium End Cap
Aluminium Bends
Aluminium Swage (Concentric, Eccentric)
Aluminium Coupling (Half, Full)
Aluminium Street Elbow
Aluminium Bushing
Aluminium Plug (Round, Square, Hexagon)
Aluminium Union
Aluminium Hammer Union
Aluminium Nipple
Aluminium Weldolet (Heavy Wall, Insert, Reducing, Flat)
Aluminium Thredolet (Reducing, Flat)
Aluminium Threadolet (Reducing, Flat)
Aluminium Sockolet (Reducing, Flat)
Aluminium Couplet (Female Threaded)
Aluminium Elbolet
Aluminium Latrolet
Aluminium Nipolet
Aluminium Sweepolet
Aluminium Brazolet
Aluminium Expanded Olet
Aluminium Flanged Olet
Aluminium Flexolet
Aluminium Fasteners
Aluminium Stud
Aluminium Bolt
Aluminium Screws
Aluminium Nut
Aluminium Washer
Aluminium Forgings
Aluminium Machined Part
Aluminium Welded Components
Aluminium Welding Consumables
Aluminium Filler Metal Wire Rod
Aluminium Rods
Aluminium Shims (Shim-Sheets)
Aluminium Wires

Aluminum Angle

Aluminum Bar – Hex

Aluminum Bar – Rectangle

Aluminum Bar – Round

Aluminum Bar – Square

Aluminum Channel

Aluminum I-Beam

Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum Sheet – Perforated

Aluminum Sheet – Expanded

Aluminum Sheet – Textured

Aluminum Sheet – Tread (Diamond Plate)

Aluminum Sheet / Plate

Aluminum T-Bar

Aluminum Threaded Rod

Aluminum Tube – Rectangle

Aluminum Tube – Round

Aluminum Tube – Square

Value Packs – Combos

Value Packs – Sample Sheet

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