Top 11 Best Plumbing Pipe Cutting Tools- Review & Buying Guide

Best Plumbing Pipe Cutting Tools

PVC pipe is a very valuable product for various uses, including plumbing, irrigation, and a range of other uses. Additionally, we must trim the pipe to fit our demands. PVC pipe cutters are required for this. They resemble a pair of pliers in appearance. The extra-sharp cutter blades may be employed by just pressing the handles together, and they will perform their task flawlessly. However, keep in mind that because they are made specifically for cutting pipes, the blades may be quite deadly when used improperly.

The market has a wide variety of models, making it difficult to decide which is the best choice. Listed here are some of the greatest pipe-cutting tools.

Zantle Ratchet-type Tube Cutter

The Zantle Ratchet-type Tube Cutter was chosen as our top option because of its remarkable blend of low cost along with high-quality craftsmanship. It is capable of cutting pipes with an outer diameter of up to 1⅝ inches, which is typical for this sort of device. This cutter uses an adjustable system that easily cuts through the pipe with only a few hand squeezes.

The Zantle cutter’s jaws are well-designed to keep the pipe securely in place during the cutting operation. Although it may not be the longest-lasting blade in comparison to other alternatives, the sharp blade readily pierces the PVC without inflicting crushing damage. Fortunately, this instrument comes with a one-year warranty, confirming its high quality and longevity.

Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool

Our favourite aspect of the Orbit PVC Pipe Cutting Tool is its affordable pricing. It’s one of the less expensive PVC cutters we tested, yet it always gave us trustworthy cutting performance. the only drawback of this instrument is that it can only cut tubing with a diameter of up to 1 inch. This means that it works well for cutting small-diameter PVC, vinyl tubing, and PEX, bigger diameter pipes require a different tool.

While being inexpensive, this tool is still nicely made. With a heat-treated steel blade, it is comprised of heavy-duty aluminium and steel. The blade is sufficiently enough to easily cut through the pipe we threw at it. Even replacements are available in the off-chance that something does happen to it.

RIDGID Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter

This is one of the best tools in the industry but it is expensive in comparison to other tools. But its quality justifies its pricing. All forms of plastic pipe, including PVC, PEX, rubber hose, and even multilayer tubing, can be easily and effectively cut with this tool. You can readjust to the correct size for your pipe without pumping the handle, which can save you quite a few pumps on a thinner pipe. It is spring-loaded to open all the way each time you release the handle.
You are able to use this tool to cut pipe with an outside diameter of up to 1⅝ inches. Any kind of plastic pipe or tubing may be cut relatively easily by the razor-sharp X-CEL blade.

Although the replacement blades are somewhat expensive, you may easily change them whenever they become weak. Because the whole instrument is protected by RIDGID’s lifetime service agreement, they will repair any issues that arise from regular use. It could need a small investment, but in our opinion, if it will last a lifetime, it is a worthy one.

Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC Cutter

For those who want a tool that is affordable without compromising functionality, the Klein Tools cutter is a great choice. It provides a solution for individuals who need efficiency on a tight budget because of its capacity for clean and quick cuts. The cutter’s flexibility for various uses is ensured by its capacity to cut through PVC that is up to 3/4-inch thick.

The simple latch that safely closes the handle when not in use is one of the features that stands out. This safety precaution not only guards against accidental damage but also extends the life of the cutter. The lock makes sure that the tool is always safe and prepared for usage.
It offers efficiency and ease, especially for users who depend on the tool frequently.
The cutter is more durable overall because of its steel frame and few moving parts. Because of its robust design, it can survive possible rough handling as well as the rigours of regular use. The tool is expected to last longer since there are fewer parts that are prone to damage, making it a sensible investment.

Reed Tool TC4QP Quick Release Tubing Cutter

With a legacy spanning more than a century, Reed pipe cutters have a long-lasting reputation for manufacturing high-quality tools. This long history proves their expertise in producing dependable goods. One standout item from Reed is their version with a handy quick-release mechanism. When the cut is finished, this function makes sure the blade returns quickly to its initial position, enabling seamless pipe replacement. While the cost of this specific cutter may be more than that of other manual choices, the quality and lifespan make it an excellent purchase. For example, it excels in cutting PVC pipes with a wide outside diameter and supporting diameters up to 4.5 inches. Therefore, if you work with such pipelines regularly, this Reed cutter can prove to be an excellent addition to your toolkit. Its robust construction and ability to deliver precise cuts make it a reliable companion for years to come.

LENOX Tools 12123R1 PVC Cutter

This is the overall allrounder cutter with many relatable features such as a thick rubberized handle, which offers a firm and secure grip. This attribute not only promotes user comfort but also contributes to safety and accuracy while cutting. With a solid grip, the chances of slippage or mishandling are minimized, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring precise cuts.

An outstanding aspect of this cutter is the release button integrated into the handle. This mechanism allows for effortless one-handed operation by swiftly opening the blade after a cut. This feature is particularly advantageous when working in constrained spaces or when a continuous workflow is required. It enables the user to maintain a steady workflow without the need to readjust their grip or position the pipe repeatedly, thus saving time and effort.

The bright white and blue color of the cutter is another commendable attribute. This distinctive color combination enhances visibility, making the tool easily recognizable amidst a cluttered toolbox or bag. It eliminates the frustration of searching for the cutter and enables swift and efficient access, ensuring that valuable time is not wasted during projects.

LASCO Victor 13-2976 PVC Pipe Cutter

The heavy-duty model is specially made to maximize cutting effectiveness with the least amount of human effort. Its ratcheting jaws, which enable simple and smooth cutting along with a comfortable grip for prolonged usage, make this feasible. Although it may have a maximum pipe diameter of 1 inch, which is slightly less than other possibilities, if you already know that this is the size you frequently work with, then this tool is a great option and won’t let you down.
The small size of this tool is a notable benefit. It is extremely simple to transport because it just weighs 1 pound and can be quickly thrown into your toolbox or fastened to your belt without taking up too much space. This function makes sure that you move it around to various work areas without difficulty.
A one-year warranty is also included with the item as an extra benefit. The product’s quality and longevity are guaranteed by this warranty, giving the consumer piece of mind. If any problems or defects develop within the first year of use you can have the tool fixed or replaced without paying any additional fees.

Greenlee 864QR PVC Cutter

This cutter is defined as a multipurpose tool that can do more than just cut PVC pipes. It is an excellent all-around choice for various 1¼-inch pipes since it can also be used to cut rubber, PEX, and PEX and PEX hoses. Its versatility and utility as a tool for many applications are increased by its capacity to handle various materials.

The heavy-duty ratcheting mechanism and thick rubber handle grips are significant components that enhance comfort and effectiveness. Long-term usage of the tool is made easier on the hands thanks to the rubber handle grips’ tight and pleasant hold. The robust ratcheting mechanism guarantees seamless cutting and allows for optimal cutting efficiency with the least amount of human effort.

The recessed blade of this cutter is one of its unique features. By allowing you to store the tool without worrying about unwanted cuts to yourself or other tools in your toolbox, this design feature offers an additional degree of safety. This function is very useful in busy environments where safety is considered a top priority.

Superior (1h 2″) Pipe Cutters

The majority of the pipe cutters we reviewed were unable to handle pipes with an outside diameter larger than 1⅝ inches. However, the Superior Pipe Cutters are useful in a lot more circumstances since they can cut PVC with an outside diameter of up to 2½ inches. The 10-inch length of these cutters gives you more leverage while using one hand to cut. Even though they come with a lifetime warranty, we weren’t too fond of them.

The jaws of these cutters had to be highly expanded to fit such huge pipes. Many of the other cutters will fit just fine in your pocket or on your toolbelt, but these are too big to perform any of those things comfortably. The angled cuts this tool creates are bad. Because of its poor build quality, the blade gets forced to the side and cuts at an angle when you produce enough effort to cut through the pipe.

This tool is more expensive than many of the others we evaluated despite the fact that they performed far better, despite the fact that they had many more faults. Skipping this one is a no-brainer because you can save money and obtain a superior tool at the same time.

Superior 37115 Pipe-Cutter Tool

Wide hooked jaws on this PVC pipe cutter from Superior Tool Company grip the pipe securely during cutting. You can operate with a variety of pipes thanks to their wide opening, which allows them to hold pipes with an outside diameter of up to  2½ inches. Given the cost of this tool is in comparison to the majority of other tools of a similar kind on the market, they are even warranted for life, which we think to be reasonable.

Our favourite thing about this cutter is that it can handle pipes with bigger diameters. It is one of the bulkiest and heaviest tools we tested for this list, weighing in at a huge 2 pounds. As such, it is also one of the most difficult to use tools.

Armour Line RP77152 PVC Pipe Cutter

The Armour Line PVC Pipe Cutter weighs 20 ounces and is very important with its cheap-looking exterior. Although it may appear that way, this cutter is considerably more expensive than other cutters that we believe have far better performance.

The advantage of this instrument is that it can handle pipes with an outside diameter of up to 2 inches. But that doesn’t make it good enough. We expected excellent performance for the money but instead, we received a challenging tool that produced poor cuts.

Compared to the other tools we examined, this one requires a lot more pressure to cut the pipe. As a result, the blade ends up out of position and makes an angled cut. 


Although choosing between PVC pipe cutters may not seem like a difficult option, several of the lower-quality equipment broke while we looked over goods for our reviews. Choosing the incorrect tool might lead to frustration. However, the right tools may help you do each activity more quickly and without wasting energy, saving you quite a bit of time and work.
Ultimately, the best plumbing pipe-cutting tool for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the types of pipes you commonly work with. It is essential to consider factors such as cutting capacity, material compatibility, and overall build quality when making your decision. By investing in a high-quality pipe cutting tool, you can enhance your plumbing project efficiency and achieve professional-grade results.