Products - Precision Hollow Honed Pipe, Tube, Tubing, Shafting, Hard Chrome Plated Rod(HCPR), Ring

Product- Bar, Round, Billet, Fitting, Flange, Valve, Gasket, Shim, Plate, Sheet, Coil, Circle, Scrap, Filler Wire

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Steel products are available in various different forms & shapes such as angle, channel, beam, gasket, filter, silencers, valve, flange, fitting, pipe, tube, tubing, plate, sheet, coil, foil, shim, strip, circle, flat, fastener, stud or threaded rod, bolt, nut, washer, screw, rivet, retaining ring, cir-clip, pin, spring, insert, standoff, forgings, machined parts or components, filler wire, welding electrode, sleeve, pad, etc. in different steel grades, specifications, chemical composition/ analysis (chemistry), mechanical properties, thermal properties, hardness made from different processes and are used in various applications. We trade in these few products which you can go through in our website.

Heat Treatment Processes: Untreated, Age Hardened, Normalized, Annealing, Soft Annealed, Solution Annealed, Isothermal annealing, Normalized and tempered, Hardened and Tempered, Precipitation hardened, Air quenched and tempered, Liquid quenched and tempered, Treated to improve shearability, Cold drawn and stress relieved, Treated to hardness range, Warm worked, Treated to ferrite-pearlite structure and hardness range, Annealed to achieve spheroidization of the carbides, etc.

Different Types of Forging: Hot Forged, Cold Forged, Warm Forged, Open-Die Forged, Electrical Upsetting, Upset Forged

Different Types of Products that we trade are as listed below:
Scrap Screwed Fitting
Billet O’let Fitting
Continuous Cast Billet Branch Connections
Round Billet Elbow (Seamless, Welded, 45, 90, 180 Degree, Long, Short Radius)
Square Billet Tee (Straight, Reducing, Equal, Unequal)
Rectangular Billet Reducer (Concentric, Eccentric)
Bar Cross (Straight, Reducing)
Rods Stub In & Stub End (Long, Saddle -Wrap Around)
Round Bar Lateral
Flat Bar End Cap
Square Bar Bends
Round Corner Square(RCS) Bar Swage (Concentric, Eccentric)
Straight Corner Square(SCS) Bar Coupling (Half, Full)
Hexagonal Bar Street Elbow
Hollow Bar Bushing
Concast Bar Plug (Round, Square, Hexagon)
Forged Bar Union
Rolled Bar Hammer Union
Black Bar Nipple
Bright Bar Weldolet (Heavy Wall, Insert, Reducing, Flat)
Peeled Bar Thredolet (Reducing, Flat)
Machined Bar (Proof Machined) Threadolet (Reducing, Flat)
Annealed Bar (Spheroidized Annealed) Sockolet (Reducing, Flat)
Hardened & Tempered (HT) Bar Couplet (Female Threaded)
Quenched & Tempered (QT) Bar Elbolet
Blocks (Square, Rectangular) Latrolet
Slabs Nipolet
Shafting (Shafts) Sweepolet
Plate Brazolet
Sheet Expanded Olet
Coil Flanged Olet
Circle Flexolet
Strip Fasteners
Ring (Seamless, Welded, Forged, Rolled) Stud or Threaded Rod
Forged Ring (Seamless, Welded) Bolt
Rolled Ring (Seamless, Welded) Screw
Seamless Ring (Forged, Rolled) Nut
Welded Ring (Forged, Rolled) Washer
Tube (Seamless, Welded, IBR, ASTM, ASME) Rivet
Tubing (Seamless, Welded, IBR, ASTM, ASME) Circlip
Pipe (Seamless, Welded, IBR, ASTM, ASME) Retaining Ring
Flange (IBR Approved, ASTM, ASME, API, DIN) Pin
Slip-On Flange (SO, SORF, SOFF) Threaded Inserts
Weld Necking Flange (WN, WNRF, WNFF, WNRTJ) Standoffs
Blind Flange (BL, BLRF, BLFF, BLRTJ) Spacers
Socket welding Flange (SW, SWFF, SWRF, SWRTJ) Forgings
Threaded Flange (TH, THFF, THRF, THRTJ) Machined Part
Lap joint Flange (LJ, LJFF, LJRF) Welded Compenents
Long weld neck Flange (LWN, LWNFF, LWNRF) Welding Consumables
Spectacle Blind Flange Filler Metal Wire Rod
Plate Flange Shims (Shim-Sheets)
Hub Flange Wires
Flat Face Flange (FF) Springs
Raised Face Flange (RF) Bearings
Ring Type Joint Flange (RTJ) Valve
Flange (CLASS 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500) Gasket
Fitting Filter
Buttweld Fitting Silencers
Socket weld Fitting Hard Chrome Plated (HCPR) Rod/Shafting
Threaded Fitting Pre-Honing / Honed Pipe & Tube