What is the best steel for wear plates?

AR500 steel is the best steel grade for wear plates among AR400 and AR450. It depends on the usage to decide which steel grade to choose.

Wear-resistant steel plates are also known as abrasion-resistant plates due to their ability to handle the wear and tear on the surface of the instruments caused by heavy industrial processes. AR500 is a carbon-steel alloy having a high content of carbon in it. The addition of carbon in the steel makes it much harder than the rest grades of steel. This steel grade has a high yield point as well as high tensile strength. It has a higher hardness of (477 – 534) BHN. Here, BHN stands for Brinell Hardness Number which is used to measure the hardness of the material produced from the manufacturing unit. Materials whose BHN is higher have higher hardness, whereas materials whose BHN is lesser are less hard. Quenching and Tempering are the two-part processes, wear plates manufacturers use to produce abrasion-resistant plates. The forged blocks of steel are first quenched and then tempered.

AR500 is used in many industries for different applications such as – mining, aggregate, dump truck, truck plows, material handling, material transfer chutes, storage bins, and earth-moving machinery.