What are the grades of wear plates?

AR 300, AR400, AR450, and AR500 are the steel grades of abrasion-resistant plates or wear-resistant plates. AR stands for Abrasion Resistant. Abrasion-resistant plates reduce wear and tear on the surface of the instruments used in mining, construction, and agricultural industry. The wear plate is mainly composed of high carbon content steel alloy. The extra addition of carbon in steel makes the wear plates hard and tough. Due to high hardness and tensile strength it acquires the malleable property. The different steel grades of wear plates are based on the hardness level of the material. Wear plate manufacturers measure the hardness by the Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) scale. The higher the BHNs higher the harness, the lower the BHNs lower the hardness.

Some typical applications of the various grades of wear plates are mentioned below:

AR300 steel plate is used in mining machinery, feeders, hoppers, and funnels. AR400 steel plate is used for storage bin liners, bucket liners, dump truck liners, and hoppers. AR450 steel plate is used for mining, earth-moving equipment, and platform structures. AR500 steel plate is used for mining, aggregate, dump truck, truck plows, material handling, material transfer chutes, storage bins, and earth-moving machinery.