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Adapter Fitting

Adapter Fitting is the most used fitting pipe for connecting two different pipes together and this fitting is used to connect dissimilar pipes. It restricts the leakage of system process connections. This is used in several applications and helps to connect pipes to fixtures. Pipe connectors might have either male or female IPS strings toward one side and the contrary orientation on the opposite end, which should be welded or fastened onto a more modest line. An Adaptor is at their implementation level, they refer to the same thing. Adapter fittings are made from steel, aluminium, brass, rubbers, polymers, bronze, cast iron, and copper. These fittings are non-straight fittings.


SS 304 Adapter FittingRound, Rectangular, Square or depending on the application503B80Hot forging
SS 304L Adapter FittingStraight, Elbow, Tee, and Cross1258B70Drop hammer
SS 316 Adapter FittingHexagonal1005C35Cold rolling
SS 316L Adapter FittingRound906C40Extrusion
SS 321 Adapter FittingSquare754B90Hot rolling
SS 347 Adapter FittingOval801.6B90 to C35Tube drawing