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Cap Fitting

Stainless Steel Cap Pipe Fittings are mainly used to protect the ends of the hydraulic or pneumatic pipes and tubes for various types of shapes. It helps to prevent pipes from leaking, removing air blocks and isolating the pipe. These are mainly used in plumbing-associated industrial, commercial, and domestic water supply lines. Cap pipe fittings are also known as bulkheads, plugs, and heads which help to combine the pipe. Pipe fittings come in various shapes, sizes & designs. The main aim of Cap fittings is to make the waterproof to the connections. The materials used for making the Cap Fittings are Aluminium, Polyamide, Silicon rubber, Vinyl, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene.


SS 304 Cap FittingRound1/2″16SWGHRB 90Forged
SS 304L Cap FittingHex3/4″14SWGHRB 85Machined
SS 316 Cap FittingSquare1″12SWGHRB 95Cast
SS 316L Cap FittingRound1-1/2″18SWGHRB 80Forged
SS 347H Cap FittingHex1-1/4″12SWGHRB 88Machined
SS 2205 Cap FittingRound1/2″16SWGHRB 92Hot Rolled
SS 2507 Cap FittingSquare1″12SWGHRB 96Forged