Welding Electrode/Rod

Electrode rods are essential equipments used in various industrial processes and applications. These rods serve as conductive elements in welding, electrolysis, and electroplating processes. Composed of durable materials like graphite or metal alloys, electrode rods provide a stable and continuous flow of electric current during these operations. The rods are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring precise control and efficient performance. With their versatile nature, electrode rods are crucial components in industries such as construction, automotive, and electronics. Whether it's for fusion welding, metal deposition, or electrochemical reactions, electrode rods play a vital role in facilitating these crucial processes.


Carbon Rod Cylindrical 250-300 6-10 2-4  Manually rolled and heat-treated
Graphite Rod Cylindrical 200-300 6-12 1-3 Molded and heat-treated
Copper Rod Cylindrical 150-250 3-8 2-3 Casting and machini
Stainless Steel Rod Cylindrical 150-300 5-12 90-120 Casting and machining
Tungsten Rod Cylindrical 50-150 1-3 80-90 Casting and machining
Nickel Rod Cylindrical 100-200 3-8  40-50 Casting and machining


Copper Rod

Copper Welding Rod/Electrode

A Copper Rod Electrode is a cylindrical metal tool commonly used in various industrial processes such as welding, metal cutting, and electroplating.

Stainless Steel Rod

Stainless Steel Rod/ Electrode

Stainless steel rods/electrodes are widely used in welding applications, offering excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Graphite Rod

Graphite electrodes

Graphite’s special structure, with coatings of carbon atoms organized in hexagons, permits the electrons to move voluntarily making it an excellent.

Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Electrode

TIG welding is necessary, along with high-quality tungsten electrodes, whenever precisely welded joints, finely made weld seams, and high-quality materials.

Mild Steel Electrode Rod

Mild Steel Electrode Rod

Mild Steel Electrode Rods are essential components in the welding industry, particularly for welding mild steel materials.

Nickel Rod

Nickel Electrodes

Nickel electrodes are prepared for welding of gray iron castings, releasing iron to themselves as nicely as joining cast irons to soft steel and Stainless Steel.

Carbon Rod

Carbon Rod Electrode

Carbon electrode rod are made of carbon, graphite, and other materials plus adhesives, which are immensely conductive and difficult to break.