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Graphite Rod/Electrode

Graphite’s special structure, with coatings of carbon atoms organized in hexagons, permits the electrons to move voluntarily making it an excellent conductor of electricity and good as an electrode material. Graphite electrodes are also known as Graphite welding rods. Graphite welding rods are utilized mainly for welding cast iron. Cast iron is a notoriously tough material to weld because of its high carbon content, which causes it flat to crack and be difficult to use.


Grade Product Type Shape Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Hardness Method
UHP Graphite Rod Cylinder shape 500 300-400 450-600 NA NA
SHP Graphite Rod Cylinder shape 500/20 300-400 450-600 NA NA
HP Graphite Rod Cylinder shape 200-600 200-600 NA NA