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Why Toolox Steel Is The Right Choice For High-Performance Applications

Toolox Steel performance

Toolox is a type of steel that is derived after mixing iron and chromium. Containing 1% manganese, less than 2% carbon, and small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, oxygen, and sulfur. Therefore, steel is famous for its corrosion resistance and strength. Steel has numerous applications in various industrial sectors and it plays a vital role today. So, steel has wide applications in the manufacturing, fabrication, agricultural, and construction sectors. Heat treatment and precise alloying help to derive Toolox steel. This steel has excellent wear resistance, toughness, and strength. Here in this blog, check Toolox Steel types & benefits that make them the right choice for high-performance applications. Read in brief,

What Is Toolox Steel?

Toolox steel is a pre-hardened engineering steel. It has excellent wear resistance, exceptional strength, and toughness. Specially designed for excellent performance. Toolbox is suitable for applications in industries such as mold making, automotive, tooling, mining, and heavy equipment manufacturing. This steel is manufactured by using heat treatment and precise alloying methods. This process ensures consistent material qualities across different batches. The steel is in a ready-to-use condition. No need for additional heat treatment or machining processes is required.

Types Of Toolox Steel

Toolox is a brand of pre-hardened tool steel manufactured by SSAB. Designed to offer excellent properties for a wide range of tool and mold-making applications. Several types of Toolox steel are available, each with specific characteristics and applications. These are some Toolox steel types.

Toolox 33: Toolox 33 is pre-hardened steel with a hardness of 107 RB. These are suitable for applications requiring good toughness and high strength, such as die holders, machine components, and tooling for plastic injection molding.

Toolox 40: Toolox 40 is pre-hardened steel with a hardness of 113 RB. Toolox 40 offers improved wear resistance and higher strength compared to Toolox 33. Commonly used in tooling applications, such as forming dies, press tools, and wear-resistant components.

Toolox 44: Toolox 44 is pre-hardened steel with a hardness of 115 RB. Type 44 provides excellent toughness, dimensional stability, and high strength. Toolox 44 is suitable for demanding applications such as cold work tooling, cutting punches, and die-casting dies.

Advantages Of Toolox Steel

High Strength: Toolbox steel offers excellent strength. It has a high yield strength and tensile strength. Toolox steel offers to resist extreme forces without getting failure. Toolox steel is suitable for application that requires resistance to heavy loads and high stress.

Excellent Toughness: Toolox steel exhibits excellent toughness. It can absorb and distribute energy effectively, preventing cracks or fractures even under severe conditions. Toolox steel is perfect for crucial applications that require resistance to impact or dynamic loading.

Wear Resistance: Toolox steel possesses excellent wear resistance, making it highly suitable for applications involving sliding or abrasive wear. Its composition and heat treatment contribute to its ability to maintain its surface integrity and resist wear, resulting in extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Dimensional Stability: Toolox steel offers excellent dimensional stability, meaning it maintains its shape and size even under extreme temperature conditions. This property is essential for applications that require high-temperature tolerances and dimensional accuracy.

Machinability: It offers good machinability. It is easily to machined, allowing precise shaping and forming to meet specific application requirements.

Weldability: Toolox steel demonstrates good weldability. It is welded by using standard welding techniques, allowing for flexibility in manufacturing processes. Toolox steel enables the fabrication of complex structures or components.

Corrosion Resistance: It has a high level of corrosion resistance as compared to other tool steels. While it is not entirely stainless, it offers good resistance to moisture, chemicals, and atmospheric corrosion, reducing the risk of material degradation in challenging environments.


Overall, Toolox steel qualities are better than other steel types. Toolox steel is a unique combination of high strength, excellent toughness, wear resistance, dimensional stability, machinability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it is a more reliable choice than other steel types. These steel are suitable for high-performance applications in various industries. For instance, automotive, heavy equipment, mold making, tooling, and more.