Knowledge, Methods To Cut Stainless Steel Pipes

Best Methods To Cut Stainless Steel Pipes

Best Methods To Cut Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel is a versatile alloy widely used in various industries, including aerospace, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, and more. Stainless steel pipes are commonly used in these industries, and cutting them to the desired shape and size is an essential step in working on the particular project. In this article, we will explore the best methods to cut stainless steel pipes and the tools commonly used for this purpose.

Methods to Cut Stainless Steel Pipes

Cut Stainless Steel Pipes is very essential for getting the desired design. Stainless steel is very hard to cut material so, there are some methods through which we cut the stainless steel pipes are:

1. Circular Saw

The circular saw method of cutting stainless steel pipe is common in today’s time. It is a handheld power saw with a circular blade. With the help of saw we can quickly cut stainless steel if we use the right blade. In this method, a high-quality circular saw is utilized for cutting stainless steel pipe. This is a manual tool that has to be handled carefully by the professionals.

Once prepared, a professional must power on the circular saw. The circular blade must reach the full RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) before use. After that, the saw is lowered to the surface for cutting. Now, workers continue cutting stainless steel pipes. But during this process safety precautions are necessary.

2. Pipe Cutter

Using a pipe cutter is a common method for getting smooth cuts on stainless steel pipes. An adjustable pipe cutter provides convenience to the workers. At the starting point of cutting, the jaws of the pipe cutter are tightened around the pipe, and the cutter is rotated 360 degrees. Some pipe cutters have multiple blades or wheels, which allow for smoother cuts by enabling the cutter to move back and forth along a small arc instead of complete circles. This is particularly useful when cutting stainless steel pipes at different positions.

3. Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter is another method of cutting the stainless steel pipes. The plasma torch emits a high-degree plasma jet for the cutting purpose. Clean, quick, and precise cuts are effectively done by using this method of pipe cutting. Reduced zones influenced by heat during this process. Generally, the plasma jet is composed of either a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen or simple nitrogen.

To use a plasma cutter for the cutting task, simply hold it over the surface of the steel pipe and turn it on. The plasma jet itself is appropriate in the process of cutting stainless steel pipe. Professionals do not need to put much efforts. However, safety precautions are necessary because the sparks emitted from this plasma jet can cause serious burns when not handled carefully.

4. Chop Saw

It is a sort of saw that is used for stainless steel pipe cutting. A chop saw can be helpful in getting clean and quick cuts on the pipes. Before using a chop saw, it is difficult to mark the surface from where you have to start cutting. Next, lower the blade of the chop saw and start cutting the rod. Be gradual when cutting without interruption, i.e., the process must be continuous.

A primary benefit of using a chop saw is that it is quite suitable to cut thinner pieces of stainless steel pipes. An electric motor efficiently powers the blade for the cutting process. There are different types of blades are available for a chop saw. Bi-metal blades, HSS-E blades, and diamond blades are some common blades used in a chop saw.

5. Jigsaw

The cutting method by using Jigsaw can be useful because it is able to perform complex cuts, like curves. When using this cutting tool, mark the tip. After that, insert the cutting blade under the jigsaw and start complex cutting of the stainless steel pipe. Go with a low speed. You can use some cutting fluids to improve its performance.

One benefit of a jigsaw is that it is more convenient than other tools in case of interior cutouts and tight curves. While using jigsaw, the cut is more accurate by using this method. Also, if this tool has a blade made of tungsten carbide, it can be helpful in cutting thicker pipes.

6. Band Saw

A band saw is a versatile cutting tool that effectively cuts stainless steel pipe. The teeth pattern of the tape saw should be similar to a jigsaw and made of tungsten carbide for cutting stainless steel pipe. Lower the blade on the stainless steel pipe and start cutting. Height adjustment and the use of protective equipment are essential, dust masks are worn to prevent harmful particles from breathing during cutting.

7. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is another tool that can be used to cut a stainless steel pipe. The blade is attached to a finely lined frame that cuts the trap smoothly. Secure the stainless steel pipe with clamps before using the hacksaw. Move the hacksaw back and forth to cut the tube. Use deburring tools with inner edges to smooth them out. It is important to position the tube firmly and ensure that the blade is in the correct position for a safe cut.

8. Dremel

A Dremel is a hand-held rotary tool that can be used to cut stainless steel conduits. Suitable not only for professionals but also for DIY enthusiasts. Start by cutting the stainless steel pipe. Next, use a two-handed golf grip to position the cut wheel at the cut mark. Finally, cut the tube. Although cutting thick stainless steel pipe with a Dremel can be difficult, it is effective at cutting thin pipe. The clean, flat cuts made with the Dremel help groove and trim jobs.

9. Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can be used to cut and grind stainless steel pipe. Mark the pipe before cutting to ensure precision. Move the rotating wheel of the angle sucker and cut the stainless steel pipe. One advantage of using an angle grinder is that it does not require cutting fluid. It can also cut through solid stainless steel pipes. Safety equipment should be worn during cutting because sparks can be created when the angle sucker contacts stainless steel.

10. Tube Cutter

Professionals often use tube cutters to cut stainless steel pipes. It is a hand-held tool that can be used manually or powered electrically, hydraulically, and pneumatically. A rotating wheel is used by this tool to cut through the pipe. When cutting, the position of the stainless steel pipe near the wheel and start cutting it. Put a firm pressure when cutting.

Safety precautions are important during the cutting process. Do not wiggle or force the tube cutter. Otherwise, the stainless steel pipe can break. The cutting wheel is prone to damage. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the cutting wheel from time to time. In case the wheel is worn out, it needs to be replaced.


Several tools are used for the cutting methods of stainless steel pipes. These tools can range from angle grinder and dremel to chop saw and big saw and many more. Stainless steel pipe-cutting techniques have to be managed and adjusted by professionals carefully. Otherwise, one may not get the desired results for the project.

Many tools that are used to portable because they are hand-held. Moreover, these tools are affordable for the companies involved in the business of cutting stainless steel pipes. Because of significant machining accuracy and less end-product errors, these cutting tools are gaining a higher demand. Eventually, their applications will grow.